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Fellowship HIV Medicine
Fellowship Indian Association of Clinical Medicine(FIACM)
Fellowship of Indian College of Physicians(FICP)
Fellowship of American College of Physicians(FACP)

Research Publications
1. Rajesh Deshwal, Mohd Iqbal, Sidhant Basnet. Nifedipine for the Treatment of High Altitude Pulmonary Edema. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal 2012 March; 23(1): 7-10{PMID: 22441082}
2. Rajesh Deshwal, NS Rajagopal. Splenic Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent Individual:A Rare Diagnosis. JIACM 2009; 10(1&2): 69-71
3. Rajesh Deshwal.VivaxMalaria – Not Benign Anymore. JIACM 2011; 12(2): 150-2
4. Rajesh Deshwal. Mildly Elevated Transaminases: Excellent Diagnostic Clue for Anicteric Leptospirosis. JAPI 2011 Oct;59: 672{PMID:22479757}
5. R Deshwal, Rajat Kumar, VK Kumar, V Nair, R Rai. Pancytopenia - Analysis of 52 Cases. JAPI 2002 Dec;Vol 50
6. VedPrakashChaturvedi, ML Chawla, R Rai,R Deswal.Pilot Study of Chimeric Monoclonal Anti-Tumour Necrosis Factor-Alpha Anti-body (Infliximab) with Methotrexate in Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. JAPI 2002 Dec; Vol 50
7. Rajesh Deshwal, SK Guha, VM Malhotra. Factors responsible for lost to follow up and drug default among patients on ART at ART centre, Gangtok. Conference proceedings booklet, AIDS Society of India Conference, Hyderabad, 2010
8. Rajesh Deshwal. Splenic Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent Individual. JAPI 2009 Dec; Vol 57
9. Rajesh Deshwal.Pituitary apoplexy masquerading as acute mountain sickness. Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal 2013 March; 24(1) : 88-89{PMID:23246345}
10. Rajesh Deshwal.Hypokalemic Paralysis in leptospirosis. JAPI 2013 June; 61: 71[PMID:24640218]
11. Rajesh Deshwal. Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Hospitalized Malarial Patients: An Agra-Based Study.Journal of The Association of physicians of India 64 (August 2016), 44-47
12. Rajesh Deshwal, M IQureshi, R Singh.Clinical and Laboratory Profile of Dengue Fever. Journal of Assoc of Physicians of India 63, 30-32
13. Rajesh Deshwal, Vaibhav Gupta. Krait envenomation disguised as heat exhaustion in a wilderness setting Wilderness & environmental medicine 26 (1), 102-104
14. Rajesh Deshwal, DhirendraTiwari, Raj Singh. Clinical and biochemical characteristics of exertional heat stroke among paratroopers in Agra, India. Journal of The Association of Physicians of INDIA.Vol. 65,February 2017.
15. Rajesh Deshwal, C A Tukaram. Dengue Fever Presenting as Cerebellar Ataxia. JIACM 18 (1), 64-65, 2017. 2017.
16. Rajesh Deshwal. Pituitary apoplexy in vivax malaria with thrombocytopenia. JIACM:17(2); 2016
17. Rajesh Deshwal. Dengue myocarditis presenting as ST segment elevation MI. Journal of The Association of Physicians of India.Vol. 67.March 2019
18. Rajesh Deshwal, Sumit Arora. Clinical, immunological and virological outcomes in HIV patients on raltegravir based salvage therapy.Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted diseases and AIDS 40 (1), 42
19. Rajesh Deshwal, CA Tukaram. Prevalence of Hypocalcemia in Severe Dengue Infection
20. Rajesh Deshwal, Sumit Arora. High Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency in HIV Infected on Antiretroviral Therapy in a Cohort of Indian Patients. Journal of The Association of Physicians of India.Vol. 67March 2019
21. Rajesh Deshwal, Sumit Arora. Serum Alanine Aminotransferase Elevations in HIV Positive Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy in India. Journal of The Association of Physicians of India.Vol. 67 March 2019

Reviewer for following medical journals
1. British Medical Jourtnal
2. Journal of Association of Physicians of India(JAPI)
3. The New Iraqi Journal of Medicine
4. Journal of Clinical Medicine and Research
5. National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine
6. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
7. American Journal of Hypertension
8. Hindawi group of publications

Membership of following medical bodies
1. Association of Physicians of India
2. Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
3. AIDS Society of India
4. Indian Association of Clinical Medicine

Judge at following medical conferences
1. American College of Physicians Conference, San Diego, CA.
2. Association of Physicians of India Conference, Mumbai.
3. Association of Physicians of Indian Conference, Hyderabad.
4. API, Delhi Chapter Conference, New Delhi.

Former Lecturer, Govt Dental College Rohtak
Dental Surgeon, ECHS Gaya and ECHS Gangtok